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Dog Energy and the Grooming Salon


Hello everyone,

Pets are so intuitive it is truly amazing! Please let me focus on the subject of energy and how important it is in the grooming salon. When it comes to dropping your pet at the salon, it is important for you to have a calm, collective demeanor to pass to your pet. Therefore, I'd like to take this opportunity to invite pet parents to visit the salon to check out the setting, and watch how we handle our pets, even before bringing your furry friends by for a visit. By experience and being in the industry over a decade, we've learned these tips and tricks can make the grooming visit go a lot smoother and can help develop the trust between groomer/customer/dog and put everyone's nervousness at ease.

In addition, here are some tips that can make your drop off a bit smoother.

- Try not carrying your pet into the salon. Let your pet walk in on its own. This will help with the confidence factor. Coddling your pet will only make the situation worse; your confidence is their confidence period.

- When greeting at the door, please remove the leash, and walk away. This builds confidence and your pet knows is okay with leaving them. I never like to remove pets from your arms; this can be sometimes a sad experience for you and your pet.

These methods seem to work best and hopefully you will notice a difference in your pet's energy. I hope these tips help you while visiting WE LOVE PAWS, as we like to make the most of your visit a positive and energizing experience for you and your pet.

Thank you so much and remember, energy is everything!

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